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Stacey Shawntee Arcangel

Professional Psychic Consultant ~ Intuitive Investigator

"Intuitive Advice" 

From the Psychic Counselor's Couch 

No matter who I encounter when doing my sessions (doctor, lawyer, teacher, producer, etc.) ... and no matter how they are doing in the business world and with their career ~ I've noticed the focus of a reading will always move toward their personal relationships. Maybe it's true that love makes the world go round! So I decided it might be fun to do this column.

This page is dedicated to answering your questions about love and relationships. If you have a question send it to me via the contact form and I'll do my best to "Intuit" it for you and give you an answer.

Here we go:

Dear Abby, I mean, Stacey:

"How soon is my Man Mate Showing Up?" ~Anticipating, Wanda

Dear Wanda,

You're so ready ~ I would say... soon! But in the meantime.. try to have some fun with "Mr. Right Now" as a warm up if the opportunity arises... the most important part ~ HAVE FUN!!!!!!! Be bold and allow yourself to feel joy in where you are now!  

The more fun you're having.. the more men/man are/will be attracted to your essence! And don't make it too easy for them. Men (& women for that matter) want some sort of an adventure when pursuing a potential partner. That's human nature! It's also very important to Be honest and be yourself with anyone you are considering as a mate!

Something to keep in mind... many times the Universe will bring you a choice to make... so don't be surprised if more than one opportunity comes your way.

Dear Stacey:

"I really like this guy and I'm afraid I've blown it! I confronted him with an issue we were having and now he's being cold & distant." ~

Thanks, Tina A.

Dear Tina,

It seems as if you are getting a real taste of his personality…. Something to take an honest look at. Being heard and having those feelings honored is very important when dealing with a partner. 

Maybe the better question isn't, "Have I blown it?" but instead,

"Will this person honor me and be a good mate?" Does this man deserve YOU?

So much of the time we forget to look at the reality of who someone is and make excuses. Try not to do that here. No one is perfect, but you do want someone who "listens" (without getting annoyed) You could simply ask him, "If he's okay" and give him the opportunity to communicate his feelings to you. Just be prepared if he continues to act immature/distant… because that may be all he is capable of at this time.e options from the toolbar.

So take a really good look and move on if you feel the need to. You always know what's best for you!

Dear Stacey:

I've been with this guy about a month and we really get along, but I've been hurt so many times. Should I trust this new man?

~ Thanks for the advice, Sharon

Dear Sharon,

It's always good to have healthy boundaries… but I sense that you have some big "walls" (a different energy) and those can hinder our ability to achieve true intimacy. So whether you end up with this guy or not I would suggest looking closer at the walls and working on taking them down (as much as you can!) and learning to trust again. This will open up the "doors" to new relationships, even if this one doesn't work out.

I sense there may be things or people from his past…things that he may not have dealt with yet and this will come up for him... and you may not like what you see. It would be best for you to move slowly with him… I mean REALLY get to know him and the details of his life -- before you allow your feelings to go too deep. It feels as if you both have issues to deal with. If you can look at things honestly then I say give it a chance if you feel drawn to do it, but take it slow!