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Stacey Shawntee Arcangel

Professional Psychic Consultant ~ Intuitive Investigator

~ Unique Bohemian Style Jewelry ~

Designer Stacey Arcangel has been creating unique, one of a kind jewelry for over 25 years. Rich vibrant colors and textures are a trademark of Stacey's style. Her jewelry and art work has been purchased by clients from all over the world as well as celebrities, including Cher and Stevie Nicks. The style is often described as "Ethnic Chic". 

Stacey uses a wide variety of amazing natural

gemstones, shells, ceramic & vintage glass beads. 

Her inspiration comes from many places, but especially the jewelry worn in ancient times. She infuses the energy of joy, hope and protection into each piece and hopes to inspire the collector's own creative energy! 

Designs have certainly shifted with the times, but for the most part these classic pieces are timeless. 

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