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Stacey Shawntee Arcangel

Professional Psychic Consultant ~ Intuitive Investigator

Leather Clothing & Jewelry Designer

Stacey Shawntee Arcangel 

A woman of multiple talents and interests, Stacey lived and created on the beautiful island of Maui for over twenty years. 

She now spends most of her time in N. Ca near Mt Shasta. Her talents include Writer, Artist, Leather Clothing and Jewelry Designer. She also works occasionally as a professional Psychic.

This year the focus is on her Wild Side Leather halters, bra tops and jewelry as well as the new "Apocalyptic Fusions" clothing line. Both lines feature unique, one of a kind creations. She is working hard to bring these designs to her Etsy shop, Goddesses Unlimited and several special boutiques!

Stacey has been creating unique jewelry styles for over 25 years. She loves working with natural materials like gemstones & leather. She’s always had an interest in Ancient designs, especially the essence of Ancient Egyptian artifacts. Her line of "Ancient Goddess" jewelry reflects that. Stacey's "Bohemian Goddess" styles include big chunky bracelets and beautiful one of a kind large Agate and Gemstone necklaces.

Each piece is unique and we hope they will bring out feelings of Joy, Hope & Prosperity in the wearer! 

A few words from Stacey…

As an Artist my life has been unconventional. The psychic work gave it an interesting twist and allowed me to study some fascinating things. I’ve been pushed to view life from a different perspective than most and to develop a unique sense of humor along the way. There came a point a few years ago when I realized how unusual my life was and that I had many years of great experiences to draw from. Screenwriting was a natural progression, a new way to channel my creative energy and ideas. 

I enjoy living the full spectrum of reality and sharing the limitless possibilities that exist through my writing, art & jewelry. 

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